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Blossom Remote-Hosted Search

Remote Hosting frees you from having to install, configure, and maintain software. It also reduces the workload of your webserver and makes your site more secure. Read more

Remote Hosting from Blossom gives you a great search engine that never goes down at an affordable price. Read more

Blossom offers four services plans to meet the needs of different organizations:

Site Search The basic service that meets the needs of most websites with up to about 9,000 pages.
Affinity Search Designed primarily for groups of sites, allows creation of vertical search indexes. The best choice for indexes with up to 45,000 pages.
Enterprise Search Designed primarily for larger sites or groups of sites with over 45,000 pages.

The table below lists the features available with each service plan.

  Site Affinity Enterprise
Base fee (monthly) $15 $100 $200
Included pages 1,000 10,000 60,000
Additional pages $7.50 per 750 $7.50 per 3,000 $10.00 per 10,000
Categories Yes Yes Yes
Additional URLs  Included Included Included
Partitions $5 5 Included 10 Included
Page Highlighting Included Included Included
Best Bets Yes Yes Yes
Update Frequency  weekly weekly weekly
On-demand Update  $2.50 Included Included
Daily Update Premium 25% 25% 10%
Remove Blossom Byline $10 $10 Included
Discounts Nonprofit  Nonprofit  None