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Does your website suffer from linkrot?

Little is more frustrating when browsing a website than hitting dead links. Dead links result in lost functionality, missing graphics, and confusing error pages for your visitors. They reflect poorly on your site, even if the link points to another site. Trouble is, with the rapid pace of change on the Web, it is difficult to keep all the links on a site current. It is such a common disease of websites it even has a name: Linkrot.

Blossom's Link Audit service can help you cure linkrot. It finds improperly formatted URLs and references to documents that have either moved or no longer exist. It will find broken links both within your site and to other sites. Best of all, auditing is fully automatic, requiring no work on your part. You will receive a periodic report via email pinpointing each faulty link.


The cost of a Link Audit is $5 for each 1000 links tested. Auditing includes:
  • Monthly and on-demand testing of on-site links.
  • Optional testing of off-site links.
  • Detailed report indicating the location of each bad link.

Qualified non-profits and Search Service subscribers receive a 25% discount for regularly scheduled audits. Contact Blossom Sales for more details.

The fine print: Accounts are billed either quarterly or yearly. The link count at the time of billing applies throughout the billing period. Duplicate links are counted as one. Weekly auditing is available for twice the cost of monthly auditing. The minimum charge for a one-time audit is $25. All prices are in U.S. dollars.