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Client Comments

To see Blossom Search in action, visit the websites of some of our clients or try out our Consumer Complaints search engine. Here's a sampling of comments we've received from clients:

"We are super pleased with Search from Blossom. It was easy to set up and works like a charm, without the hassles of maintenance we had with our old one. It's especially nice since there are only two of us working on web related issues for the city, and maintaining things eats up the majority of our time. If you need any referrals or have potential customers who would like to ask about it from their perspective, feel free to give them my email."

"Things are great with our Blossom-enabled site searches. I think it's easy to implement and update and users are digging it. Thanks for the reports."

"I've been using Blossom for several months now and find them to be excellent. They seem to be working hard on adding features to the website, such as the recent feature to tell you how many pages come up for a particular word. I don't like the idea of having another site do the indexing for me, but I have had so much trouble indexing with IIS that Blossom makes my life easier."

"We are finding it a very welcome addition for our visitors, but also a very useful tool for updating the site ourselves. You'll be pleased to know our research librarian has been trying out your search engine and was impressed. She found things on our site she didn't know existed."

"Thank you for being so speedy in sending us a completely up and ready search capability. Blossom search is great, easy to use and extremely thorough. We are all thrilled, especially as we don't have a "tech" person on staff. I plan to recommend it to all our arts groups."

"The Search function IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC!!! I can find what I need now."

"We absolutely LOVE Search.Blossom!"