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Finding needles since 1999

Blossom offers remote-hosted searching and auditing for both public and private websites. Remote Hosting means that all of the software for carrying out the service resides on remote servers managed by Blossom, thus there is no local software to install or maintain.

Blossom's search service provides state-of-the-art searching of completely configurable content, both publically accessible and private requiring authentication. Blossom's audit service solves the dreaded linkrot problem by periodically testing the validity of all links on a site.

If you are considering using Blossom's services, browse this site to find detailed descriptions of the services and an explanation of the benefits of Blossom's offerings. You will also find examples of websites running Blossom's search and testimonials from customers.

If you already are a Blossom customer, log into the site to configure your services.